DIVORCE MEDIATION — Happily Mediated After!

Since 1986, the law offices of Gina-Marie LoBraico-Reitano have supported families in Staten Island (Richmond County), Brooklyn (Kings County) and New York State as they deal with one of the most devastating life events — divorce. A litigated divorce can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars since 98% of all contested divorces are eventually settled — to the regret of most litigants, especially those who have to settle because they ran out of money.  Divorce litigation is the epitome of a lose/lose situation.

When a party goes to an experienced attorney for a divorce consultation, barring any surprises, that attorney can tell you exactly how that divorce will probably resolve.  Fighting with each other out of anger, hurt, or malice only enriches the attorney, while draining the family of significant financial resources that could be better spent paying down marital debt or sending the children to college.  When you fight, the only winners are the lawyers, and some of them will throw wood on the fire in an attempt to turn your family woes into a significant source of business for themselves.

It is because of this experience that Gina-Marie LoBraico-Reitano, Esq. has decided to begin to offer mediation services in my New York-based practice. 

Mediation, as a practice, goes far beyond divorce and can, in some cases, help couples come to an agreement on an issue (or series of issues) without the need for divorce at all. For example, if one parent wants the child to go to private school while the other wants the child to go to public school, the acrimony surrounding this one issue can lead to bitter feelings and eventually to divorce.  One session with Gina-Marie LoBraico-Reitano can help you evaluate your priorities and see the other side of the coin, usually resulting in a resolution of the issue without bitterness or angst. And since the Mediator here is also a lawyer, you need never step foot in court or meet with any other parties unless you wish to do so for a review of the Mediation Agreement.

The goal of Mediation is a fair agreement for all parties — which is why it completely eclipses a legal resolution.  Remember, justice is blind, but Mediators are not and will consider all your goals, issues and ideals when helping you to resolve your issue.


Mediation is a method of resolving issues with the assistance of a neutral third party.  Anyone who has ever been involved in litigation can recall the frustration of waiting for the attorneys to come out of a back door discussion regarding your case, and not being able to speak to the court to refute what was said.  In Mediation, just the opposite is true. The Mediator creates a safe environment within which you can air your grievances in a respectful non-threatening way without fear of reprisal. The Mediator will then help you understand your motivations before helping you generate your own solutions.  

Be it a hostile work environment, an unequal business arrangement, or dissolution of a corporation, Mediation is the answer. 

If you are dealing with a dispute, disagreement, hostile work environment or cohabitation situation, call us at 855-2-AGREE-2 or 718-667-0001 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team to see if meditation is the next, best course of action for you.