Let us help you get off on the right foot.  Prenuptial mediation allows you to set the parameters for dissolution at the perfect time - when you are in love and anticipating a beautiful life together.  Clearer heads necessarily prevail before any hurt or resentment has had time to build up, and this agreement will provide fairly for each party giving them the security of knowing what would happen “IF.”  


The dissolution of marriage can have a happily ever after if you consider mediation. Happily Mediated After is our way of helping you consider new ways to start and, perhaps, end a partnership as you go about your journey.

The best part about Mediation? It doesn’t always end in divorce.


Living together as roommates, either in a sexual relationship or a platonic one, will hit as many bumpy roads as any other relationship.  Mediation will help you work through the rough patches without damaging your relationship. Cohabitating couples with children or assets will find that the law does not really recognize your relationship.  Divorce statutes are written in terms of “spouses” and the Supreme Court doesn’t even have jurisdiction over your disputes — they are relegated to the Family Court where cases can take upwards of one year to be heard.  Mediation can alleviate the uncertainty in a timely, economical and amicable way.  


Whether you are trying to negotiate for the best package possible when leaving or entering your position or you have a hostile, unsafe or unhealthy work environment, Mediation will assist you in resolving these issues in a way that leaves you and your employer without hard feelings or resentment.  If you are a person with a disability and need help navigating your work environment or protecting your rights, Mediating these issues can allow you the room to voice your objections and assert your rights in a confidential forum allowing you to be able to return to work without anxiety or resentment by either party.


If you are in business, you know how important reputations and relationships can be.  If you have a falling out with a distributor or another company, or even within your own company, Mediation provides a confidential arena to air those differences and resolve the issue without damaging anyone’s reputation or the relationship you may have built up over many years.